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Re-instated 1-oct-2009

Site re-instated fully, as an archive.

After many emails about lost content, links to other authors on this site etc. I did some digging. On the old PC, burried, there were some backed up files. The wayback machine also helped. Anyhow, the site is back up and running.

As for it's future.. we'll see, though it does seem like Dawn of War will not let go of me yet..

I HAVE started doing some badges for DOW2. Such as it is however, the options for army customization in DOW2 are a little limited compared to DOW1, at least creatively (for me). Badges are simple things, and dropping any kind of custom scheme into DOW2 seems uneccessarily fiddly. That said, and badges being 'simple things' I have made reasonable progress adding missing chapters to the game. When there is a significant body of work, ready to go.. I'll release the files as a mod to just drop in and play.

Stay tuned, though the (now really quiet) forums are a good place to start for sneak previews and gossip on progress. Sometimes even pre release versions can be found there, if you know where to look ;)

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