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General contact email regarding the site and any questions you might have:

Contact email address for submission material ONLY

Rules regarding contact and submissions:

Subject line must start WH40K:

The email address is bound to be crawled sooner or later and then all the useless spam will start to arrive.
Anything that doesn't start with WH40K: will get deleted from the server by my mail filters.


Banners and Badges: The reason this is here. Please have them zipped, with a readme (appropriate credits supplied) and ready to roll. If you want to send a screenshot along with the zip by all means do, but leave 'em out of the zip. The TGA files and the .teamcolour are small, lets keep the download small too, cheers. Inclusion of a .teamcolour file is a good idea but not essential. Nothing racist, pornographic or otherwise in bad taste please. If you wouldn't expect to see it in WH40K then it doesn't belong here either.

Also, when submitting, let me know which race. I've never played the table top game and the only experience I have with the WH40K universe is through a few novels, a glance at a friends rulebook and of course Dawn of War.


Links: Got a link, send it in, I'll include it in the... wait for it... links section.

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