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The Friendly Players Channel
(Formerly the Friendly Players List.)

Originally set up as a list for like minded players who considered the game experience itself to be above either winning or loosing, the list itself grew too large to admin effectively. My time these days being short and with no way of reliably knowing who was still playing or wished to continue being on the list, I decided to close the list itself and let the channel speak for itself. The channel still exists and still continues in the spirit of true, honest and sportsmanlike gaming. Players of all levels of play are welcome, new players given help and useful pointers while more advanced players will find a relaxed atmoshphere and a good game.

Leave your stats (and ego) at the door, it's all about playing for the sheer fun of it win or loose.

IRC Channel link: DoW_community (if you have mIRC/Chatzilla or similar IRC client installed clicking the link will take you to the channel).

(written by Killalot)

1. What is this friendly player list thing?
The friendly player was created to bypass the bad lobby experience and to make games with sportsmanship. No more ‘’Kill the noob’’ or ‘’quick stat’’ games, but normal, fun games.

2. How can I join?
Just join the IRC channel and introduce yourself, no membership required ;)

2b. Do I need good DoW stats to join?
No, the list was created to have games with sportsmanship and fun, not to show off your uber-stats.

3. How do I meet the players in the list?
There is a IRC channel up, kindly hosted by hwcommunity servers, the channel is dow_community.

4. How do I connect to IRC?
You can use a number of methods, including: Trillian, Xircon, mIRC and Chatzilla. With the exception of mIRC, all the above are free to download and use. mIRC has a 30 day trial, after which the author would like you to register.

5. Any guidelines in the channel?
Yes: be nice. No porn, warez or spam, no stat-whores. Let people know if you are away or in a game by adjusting your nick accordingly (/nick). |Away and |dow are good examples. This helps newcomers to the channel see who is available for a game.

6. How do I set up an IRC client?
There are only really two pieces of relevant information for setting up any of there IRC clients, and that is the server, and the channel.
The server is: irc.hwcommunity.com::6667
The channel is: #dow_community

You can join this channel after setting up and connecting by typing /join #dow_community in mIRC and/or Xircon. Trillian has the option to 'Join Channel' on a left click of the IRC online indicator, usually at the bottom of the Trillian window. Here you would type dow_community (leaving off the #)


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The Friendly Players List, fun online gaming without the usual hassles. Read about it HERE

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